Our goal is to foster a thriving nation by enhancing the nutritional well-being of both children and mothers.




Our goal is to foster a thriving nation by enhancing the nutritional well-being of both children and mothers.


About Us

Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian organization that leads the global fight against hunger. Operating in over 50 countries for more than 40 years, we have been determined in our pursuit to predict, treat and prevent the causes and consequences of hunger. We take action to save lives, enable people and communities with the right tools and training to become resilient, and lead research for long-term solutions.

In India, our operations, from the grassroots upwards, are focused on taking decisive action against malnutrition's long-term causes and effects. We operate in 1272 villages in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat.

While hope connects, it’s the action that moves.


Showcasing the heart of the matter through the people associated with us.

Supporting Mothers: Bansi Offers Fish at 50% Discount to Pregnant and Lactating Women

In the heart of Dharni Block, Maharashtra, Anita Dilip Sawalkar’s journey with pisciculture not only transformed her family’s livelihood but also became a beacon of community support. For six years, Action Against Hunger has been dedicated to uplifting 39 villages, focusing on nutrition, health, food security, and education. In February 2023, they introduced a Fish Farming Project in collaboration with Jaljeevika, aiming to bolster Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL) in the region.

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Sharda’s Journey: Triumph Over Malnutrition in Sathe Nagar

In the heart of Sathe Nagar, during a routine check-up at Anganwadi 148, a young girl named Shraddha Kamble was assessed for her nutritional status. Her measurements indicated she was suffering from moderate acute malnutrition (MAM). The community mobilizer attempted to explain MAM to Shraddha’s mother, who did not understand Hindi. Fortunately, Shraddha’s aunt, fluent in the language, conveyed the information effectively.

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Anshula’s Journey: Navigating Health Challenges and Empowering Families

In August 2023, at Anganwadi in Govandi, Maharashtra, 11-month-old Anshula Shaikh (name changed) was assessed and found to have low weight compared to her height by a Community Mobilizer (CM) from Action Against Hunger.

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From Despair to Hope: Kishan’s Journey in Gram Chaurakhadi, Madhya Pradesh

Gram Chaurakhadi is nestled along the banks of a river, near the border of Madhya Pradesh, and is surrounded by mountains on all sides. The village is predominantly inhabited by the Sahariya community.

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An Action Taken For Nutrition: Read Mayawati’s resilient story towards a Healthier Tomorrow.

In the remote village of Doondabar, Rajasthan lies a close-knit community of the Shahariya tribe, heavily reliant on the forest, agriculture, and daily labor for their sustenance.

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From Despair to Recovery: The Inspiring Journey of Prema – A Tale of Community Mobilization, Collaboration, and Triumph Over Malnutrition

The case story of Hiral (name changed) is a testament to the dedication and effectiveness of community mobilizers like Tejas Korada, and the collaborative efforts of Action Against Hunger India…

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Empowering Change: Shaneen Sheikh’s Inspirational Journey in Maternal and Child Healthcare Advocacy

Shaneen Sheikh’s (name changed) journey in Nehru Nagar slum became an inspiring case study for the dedicated team working on maternal and child healthcare…

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How Anganwadi workers and field team of Project Vruddhi helped Sara adopt better food practices for her child Zarine

Optimal nutrition is essential for a child’s growth and development in the first two years of life. Exclusive breastfeeding for six months and continued…

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Action Against Hunger helps save the life of a newborn through collaboration and perseverance in rural India.

Sunil Patil works as a community mobilizer for Action Against Hunger India, and during his field visit to Chinchutara, he came across a newborn baby’s lactating mother…

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Overcoming Breastfeeding Challenges: How Action Against Hunger’s Intervention Saved a Newborn’s Life

Sheila (name changed) gave birth to a baby boy at Sadrabadi Primary Health Centre (PHC). Both the mother and the child were healthy. Sheila was discharged…

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Overcoming Fear and Prioritizing Nutrition: A Community Mobilser’s Journey with Usmana Shaikh

Kirtiratna Kharat is working with Action Against Hunger as a Community Mobiliser (CM). During one of her home visits, she found Usmana Shaikh (name changed)…

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Overcoming Tragedy: The Story of Rupa Seth’s Journey to Motherhood

Rupa Seth (name changed), 22, resides in Nehru Nagar, Andheri, Mumbai. Her husband is the sole breadwinner in the family and works for a private company…

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Overcoming Adversity: How Prema’s Community and AAH Mobilisers Helped Her Through a High-Risk Pregnancy

Prema (name changed), a married woman, lives in Keshvi, Dhudhiya village, with her five children and husband. The remote location and lack of transportation in her region…

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The Transformational Journey of Raji Bai Sehriya: Empowering a Panchayat in Rajasthan

Suwans Panchayat is the largest panchayat in Kishanganj block of Baran district in Rajasthan. It covers around 14 villages and is situated 36 km from the sub-district headquarters….

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A Journey Of Perseverance

My name is Ranjeeta Rajbhar, and I hail from Mumbai. About half a century ago, my grandfather and father, then a child, migrated from Banaras to Mumbai, and since then, my immediate family has been residing here. I was born and brought up in Bainganwadi, Mumbai. Unfortunately, my father had to drop out of school […]

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Towards A Malnutrition Free Palghar

I am Sanjay Barf, hailing from Mokhada in Palghar, Maharashtra. My family comprises of my wife, parents, six siblings and two children. After completing my BA in Palghar, I realized that the lack of employment opportunities in the region necessitated further studies. Therefore, I pursued my MA, becoming the first member of my family to […]

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Young Heroes At Ecole Mondiale World School

The malnutrition crisis faced by vulnerable families has been exacerbated by the Covid19 pandemic. Due to limited access to services and no source of income, their future is uncertain. Our organization is collaborating with the state Governments of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan to address this crisis. We have already distributed monthly food rations to […]

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A Personal Journey Of Revelation And Learning

My name is Shringar Bedi, I hail from a middle class family from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. I am a full time professional in the humanitarian space and a full time mother. I currently work with Action Against Hunger on preventing and treating malnutrion in children. One of the key messages in our prevention-based model is […]

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The Road To A Career Calling

I am Isha Rangnekar and from my very childhood in Mumbai, India, I have always been intrigued by and distressed at the same time by the life children lived on the streets and in the slums of Mumbai. Intrigued by their survival mechanism and distressed by the yawning contrast between their lifestyle and mine. This […]

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Monitoring Health Through Technology

The key to successfully treating malnutrition in children is early detection. Timely treatment and corrective measures can prevent irreversible damages and growth delays that acute malnutrition results in. But often this can be tricky due to multiple factors. Delay in reaching remote families and human error in conventional way of measurements is often an issue, […]

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Helping Communities Fight Malnutrition

My name is Shailja Patil and I was born and raised in Nepanagar (Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh). When I was in 6th grade, my father, who was a farmer, passed away. Since then my mother and elder brother ran the household and made sure my two siblings and I completed our education. My mother found employment […]

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For Our Children

My name is Thakurlal Koli and I am from Baran, Rajasthan. I live in a large, joint family of 13 members which includes my parents, 2 children, wife, my three younger brothers and their families as well. My father is a farmer and while my mother has been a homemaker, she lends my father a […]

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Dr. Nilambari’s Transition From Rural To Urban Health

I am Dr. Nilambari Salunkhe. I was born and raised in Mumbai. I completed my degree in Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery from MUHS, Nashik University followed by Masters in Healthcare Management. Over the last decade I worked extensively in private as well as public health systems with a focus on healthcare administration. Through […]

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Being A Parent During The Covid-19 Crisis

For 25-year-old Asma Sayyed, her pregnancy had taken quite a toll on her health even as she and her husband Ghulam Moinuddin were struggling with the economic impact the pandemic had on their lives. Before the pandemic hit, Moinuddin had a small factory setup where he and his workers embroidered dresses and frocks. He was […]

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The Guiding Light

In all folklores, there’s always someone who stands up in times of need, bends the story arc and is celebrated as the hero. 3 year old Aasu from Palghar found her hero and her light, both literally and metaphorically, in her own sister, Roshni. Aasu’s mother passed away when she was 1 and with her […]

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Standing up when it matters

Sangeeta Ghodeswar, a community mobiliser from Govandi, Mumbai and in her mid-thirties, is a single mother dealing with the anxiety and stress that comes along with the pandemic. She single-handedly manages her household and the upbringing of her daughter who is currently pursuing her primary online classes. The pandemic has affected her mental health she […]

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