Standing up when it matters


Sangeeta Ghodeswar, a community mobiliser from Govandi, Mumbai and in her mid-thirties, is a single mother dealing with the anxiety and stress that comes along with the pandemic. She single-handedly manages her household and the upbringing of her daughter who is currently pursuing her primary online classes.

The pandemic has affected her mental health she says and has made her more anxious than before. She gets anxious every time she is out of the house and is very cautious in following protocols. Although this experience and the responsibility of being a mother is what drives her to keep doing what she does – work with mothers on raising healthy children and providing them emotional support.

During the lockdown, she continued to counsel mothers through phone-based sessions Reaching out to pregnant & lactating mothers and parents of children aged below 5 years on telephone, she would discuss maternal and child health, nutrition, precautions during COVID-19, availing health services and much more. She was able to connect with families physically during dry ration distribution drives and gradually as restrictions eased. Venturing out was not an easy task by any means, but Sangeeta dealt with her fears by following protocols and the realization that she is in a position to help out families in need, drove her every day.

She gradually worked out a routine to make time for herself and deal with the anxiety of being at home during a pandemic. “At home I spent time learning new nutritious recipes and being with my children. We would often work together on various school activities and tried to make the best of staying at home” says Sangeeta.