Young Heroes At Ecole Mondiale World School


The malnutrition crisis faced by vulnerable families has been exacerbated by the Covid19 pandemic. Due to limited access to services and no source of income, their future is uncertain. Our organization is collaborating with the state Governments of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan to address this crisis. We have already distributed monthly food rations to almost 600 families and provided over 100,000 face masks, 9000 hand sanitizer bottles, and 10,000 gloves to government workers. Our aim is to support Government health workers in serving vulnerable families and providing them with essential health services while avoiding exposure to Covid19.

The Young Heroes campaign, which is supported by children from Ecole Mondiale World School, is helping us in this critical mission. These children are expressing their solidarity with families who are struggling during the lockdown in unique and creative ways. They are spreading the word about our campaign through social media, WhatsApp messages, and fundraising pages, and raising funds for the cause. The French, Spanish, and Hindi language clubs at Ecole Mondiale World School are also creating informational material in these three languages, including tips on coping with confinement, Covid19 do’s and don’ts, and busting common myths. By using these posters and videos, the students are raising crucial funds from their family and friends. You can check out the work done by the French, Hindi, and Spanish clubs by visiting the links provided.