A Journey Of Perseverance


My name is Ranjeeta Rajbhar, and I hail from Mumbai. About half a century ago, my grandfather and father, then a child, migrated from Banaras to Mumbai, and since then, my immediate family has been residing here. I was born and brought up in Bainganwadi, Mumbai. Unfortunately, my father had to drop out of school after third grade due to unavoidable circumstances, and my mother did not receive any formal education either. I am blessed to have four sisters and two brothers, and we share a close bond.

My father started his career as a mechanic and later became a taxi driver. However, he had to give up driving due to poor eyesight. My mother, who had a great deal of patience, ensured that all of us received an education. She ran a food stall to pay for our school fees. My second eldest sister, Manju, who was a teacher, supported my education through her earnings. She pursued her B.Ed. and D.Ed. and is now pursuing her Masters in Arts, having worked for over ten years. My eldest sister is married and is currently pursuing her Masters in Social Work (MSW). I completed my Bachelors in Management Studies (BMS) and started working in 2014.

I began my career as a research investigator at TISS, where I interviewed sanitation workers and documented their daily struggles. Later in 2016, I joined Action Against Hunger as an intern and worked my way up to the position of accounts officer. I am proud that I could finance my third eldest sister’s wedding, pay for my younger brother’s education and hobby classes, and contribute to our family’s financial stability. My two younger brothers are currently pursuing ITI and pharmacy.

In the future, I aspire to complete my masters and become an expert accountant. My ultimate goal is to ensure that my family is always self-reliant financially. If I save enough money, I would love to travel to the UK for a vacation someday!