Local Improvements To Malnutrition Treatment


Action Against Hunger conducts a Study to test a new energy-dense food for malnourished children
India holds the regrettable record of being home to one of four children in the world who are affected by the worst form of undernutrition.

The treatment of this Severe Acute Malnutrition ( SAM) involves the use of energy dense therapeutic food, the ingredients of which includes milk powder, sugar, micronutrients and peanut paste. Being an expensive product and unaffordable by the vulnerable community, Action Against Hunger led a study to research the formulation of a recipe, with locally available ingredients such as lentils, oats, vegetable oils and a certain blend of vitamins and minerals which would be affordable and help treat more children of this devastating condition.

There was a special focus to research on the acceptability factor- did children like this new recipe ? Did they ask for more ? Were there any adverse effects, and did the child bounce back to health ? The study was conducted in Baran district of Rajasthan and the results would suggest a recommendation on the usage of this low priced Medical Nutrition Therapy to reduce the burden of Severely Malnourished children in India. For more details on this report please write to aiyer@fighthungerfoundation.org